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About ThirdEye                                                    

Due to "fake" reviews there are a lot of misleading reviews that do not give the truth about the product. These "fake" reviews may be created by other sellers trying to tarnish a competing seller's reputation. "Fake" reviews may be created by consumers that want to mislead other consumers for nefarious reasons. In short, there are various motivations for "fake" reviews to be created. In the world of e-commerce, "fake" reviews are a menace to trust and fairness in the marketplace. Thus, ThirdEye was created to combat the "fake" reviews phenomenon. ThirdEye's aim is supported by our three strategic objectives.

                               1. To enable and motivate consumers to create accurate and objective reviews of products
  2. To enable sellers to gain an advantage from using the ThirdEye Platform
            3. To enable miners to achieve a steady income stream by mining ThirdEye Coin


Please read the ThirdEye Whitepaper for more details.